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LInnocence hyacinth bulbs in hyacinth vases

I love hyacinth vases. I love forcing bulbs. I love growing things. I love cats. All these things come together in my web sites: this site about the hyacinth vases themselves, gardenwithindoors where I blog about using the hyacinth vases to force bulbs and gardenwithoutdoors where I blog about my gardening efforts and you will see my cats feature quite a lot, indoors and outdoors.

hyacinths cat windowsill

February 2022

Quite happy to use anything that will hold a hyacinth bulb above water, in this case a vintage pickle jar. These Blue Jacket hyacinths have been great this year, a few have had double stems.

vintage pickle jar as a hyacinth vase

another improvised hyacinth vase in the centre, it's small but has enough room for the roots, more usual hyacinth vases either side

Blue Jacket forced hyacinths

January 2022

I enjoy using my antique and vintage hyacinth vases - and the odd modern one - and vases that aren't even hyacinth vases - whatever takes my fancy.

vintage and antique hyacinth vases

I have 90-some hyacinth vases so most of the year they are in boxes in my cellar. After using them for forcing and washing them out before I put them away, is a time to enjoy the vases themselves without any distractions. These tall hand-blown 19th century vases are my favourite, especially in cobalt blue. I do wish my camera could capture the colour better - an intense purpley blue. Some of the amethyst vases are exquisite as well. Amber is not my favourite haycinth vase colour but this vase on the left is such a great example of a hand-blown antique hyacinth vase, I still love it.

antique hyacinth vase

I'm lucky enough to have some short vases in that intense cobalt blue colour. My photo may not show it but there is variation in the colour of these, some are purple / blue some a more ordinary blue. (this photo was taken in January before these hyacinths bloomed)

squat cobalt blue hyacinth vases

black hyacinth vase, my latest purchase, a terracotta vase painted with very shiny black paint and transfer designs, 3 figures around the vase

black painted terracotta hyacinth vase

black painted terracotta hyacinth vase

black painted terracotta hyacinth vase

black painted terracotta hyacinth vase

Two's Company hyacinth vase

two's company hyacinth vase

each side of the box

two's company hyacinth vase box

two's company hyacinth vase box

two's company hyacinth vase box

two's company hyacinth vase box

two's company hyacinth vase box

two's company hyacinth vase box

Two's Company also produced this design

two's company hyacinth vase

Merry Christmas!

hyacinths in bloom Christmas day 2021

hyacinths in bloom Christmas Day 2021

Spring 2021

I'm usually updating my bulb forcing site, www.gardenwithindoors.org.uk, where I show how I actually use the hyacinth vases but it's nice to have a review about hyacinth vases here as well.

These were my hyacinth vases and a bulb bowl out of the cellar (my cool dark place to start the hyacinths) on 10-1-2021. It shows the wide range of hyacinth vases. Back row, glassroots, Scandinavian style x-shape, green swept; front row, Byzanta ware, Past Times bulb bowl, Keil plastic hyacinth vase. Also visible on the windowsill in the background, Hornsea Cirrus bulb pot, Dartington neodymium. Directly behind on the windowsill is an amaryllis vase.

These were my spent hyacinths on 26-12-2020, again showing a range of vases in which to grow hyacinths. On the left are the dark red Woodstock hyacinths which did not do well this year. They did not grow taller than the leaves. The Carnegie white hyacinths, one in the black and white vase, did terribly this year. Delft Blue (some in bloom on the windowsill in the background) and Miss Saigon did well. The vases on the right at the back are newly out of the cellar and have not bloomed yet.

I love a wide range of hyacinth vases, both antique and modern. I quite like the Ravenhead Naturals hyacinth vases but they do not appear to be currently for sale. Right below is a blue Ravenhead Naturals hyacinth vase with a hyacinth ready to come out of the dark (taken beginning of December) showing the bulge of the flower grown out of the bulb in the stem. On the left is a Hornsea bulb pot in the Image design range.

Ravenhead Naturals hyacinth vase

The clear vase behind is a Ravenhead Naturals vase. I'll see if I have a better photo of it. It's rounded unlike the square design of the blue one above.

forced hyacinths Ravenhead Naturals hyacinth vase

This year has been more challenging than usual with a new kitten, Rocky. Not easily having as many vases on display.

rocky kitten hyacinth vases

September 2020

Now is the time of year my thoughts turn to hyacinth vases. I have started my hyacinth bulb forcing (see www.gardenwithindoors.org.uk) including using this recently purchased Menu vase. I did have a larger Menu vase in the past and regretted giving it away so pleased I saw this smaller version on ebay. I like the design with the metal insert sitting on the ledge. The ebay listing explained that the company is no longer in business but will still look out for old stock / used vases on ebay.

Menu vase on the left, a bit shorter than the Victorian cobalt blue vases on the right

menu hyacinth vase

four sides of the Menu box

menu hyacinth vase

menu hyacinth vase

menu hyacinth vase

menu hyacinth vase

Tye Hyacinth Vases

While I'm organising my bulb forcing, it gives me a chance to look at them and photograph them. These are all my Tye vases (made by GP Tye in the 1850's - 1860's (I forget the exact dates)).

Tye hyacinth vase

The vases are stamped on the base except the amethyst one which is exactly the same size as the others and appears to be the same aside from the stamp and I think it is a Tye vase, just unstamped. I think I've blogged about this before but I noticed it recently and it reminded me of it.

Tye hyacinth vase base

putting the vases together like this, one can see they are the same size

Tye vase comparison

update on the Wedgwood Hedgehog

Here is an update on the Wedgwood hedgehog after planting it up with crocus bulbs in September. They are growing well and developing fat buds so I look forward to flowers soon. (an overlap with my bulb forcing blog, gardenwithindoors)

Wedgwood hedgehog planted with crocus bulbs

a new modern hyacinth vase

Kinto Aqua Culture Hyacinth Vase

I always like to see new hyacinth vases and try them out. I found this one on ebay (where else?) and am intrigued to try it later this year. The opening looks a little small but sure a smaller hyacinth bulb would be fine. This vase comes in two pieces. Aside from novelty value not sure the advantage.

Kinto Aqua Culture hyacinth vase

Kinto Aqua Culture hyacinth vase

Kinto Aqua Culture hyacinth vase

Kinto Aqua Culture

Wedgwood Hedgehog Crocus Pot

I was lucky enough to find one of the Wedgwood Hedgehog Crocus Pots on ebay, although it is rather recent, dating to mid-20th century (rather than 18th century) and the tray is broken although all the pieces are there. I bought it towards the end of the forcing season so was not able to try growing crocus in it. I plan to do that later this year (ie the 2019 / 2020 forcing season).

wedgwood crocus pot

In comparison with the other vases for size.

wedgwood hedgehog crocus pot

wedgwood hedgehog crocus pot

wedgwood hedgehog crocus pot

wedgwood hedgehog crocus pot

Wedgwood mark on the base of the hedgehog

wedgwood hedgehog crocus pot

Wedgwood mark on the base of the tray

Wedgwood hedgehog mark tray base

Modern vs Vintage Hyacinth Vases

The purple vase I bought from Amazon recently. I'd been given a gift certificate and decided to browse their vases and found this vase that works perfectly as a hyacinth vase. I'm not sure if it was listed as a "hyacinth vase" or not. I just searched at Amazon and it doesn't come up but a search for "Leonardo Nido vase" does. Only a pink one is availabe. The cobalt blue vintage vase I bought at an antiques fair recently. Do I need another??? I thought it was interesting that the blue vase is blue glass the purple vase is clear glass that's been painted. That's one reason why period glass vases are so much better than modern ones.

My cat Polly Pocket with some Shorter and Son flower troughs with small bulbs (crocus, muscari and iris reticulata) and hyacinth vases on the window sill in the background with hyacinths in bloom. In the front, a Leonardo light purple (lilac) vase whose hyacinth is now finished.

hyacinth vases and Shorter troughs Leonardo

Leonardo vase growing a (probably) Delft Blue hyacinth and a terracotta hyacinth vase to the right.

Leonardo lilac nido vase

base of the Leonardo brand vase, difficult to see but the vase is clear and the lilac colour has been painted on

Leonardo lilac Nido vase

Cobalt blue 19th century hyacinth vase. Actually this design was produced for a long time, from the 1850s until the 1920s-ish. It was very popular and one of the most common (and wonderful IMHO) hyacinth vases easily available on ebay and antique shops and fairs. The cobalt blue colour they used is exquisite, some vases better than others, varying from purple-blue to a rather lighter blue. I cannot capture the colour with my camera .

cobalt blue squat hyacinth vase


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