a new hyacinth vase

I haven't bought a vintage hyacinth vase all year so far on ebay. I did see this brand new one (from Ravenhead Naturals) and was curious what it would be like. I show it here in comparison with the most common shapes/sizes of vintage vases. The teal vase in the centre is about 19 cm tall and the new clear one on the left is about a cm shorter at about 18 cm tall. I don't have a hyacinth bulb handy to show it with one but it does appear to have a good opening size to grow a hyacinth in which I will be doing later this year and will report back at

hyacinth vases

some new hyacinth vases

I knew I would be tempted to buy some more vases. I thought it would be interesting to compare the green one in the middle with the cobalt blue one on the left which I've had for a while. They are certainly very similar but not an exact match. The green one on the right doesn't sit quite right, a bit wobbly which makes me think hand-blown but no sign of a pontil mark on the base.

hyacinth vases

bases of the new vases, I guess the pontil mark on the right vase is polished or covered in some way, also no kick-up as I would have expected

hyacinth vases


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