Ceramic Hyacinth Vases

Although most hyacinth vases are made of glass, there are some made in ceramic and plastic.

Prattware black and white vases at the back, Grimwades Byzanta Ware in the middle, two terracotta vases in the front

ceramic hyacinth vases

a pair from the same company as the one on the right above, same edging around the top and the first section of the design around the bottom design

terracotta hyacinth vases

the diamond registration marks on the bases, material=ceramic, date=28 Sept 1863

terracotta hyacinth vases

another slight variation

terracotta hyacinth vase

same diamond registration mark, 28 September 1863

terracotta hyacinth vase diamond registration mark

Victorian classical revival designs

terracotta hyacinth vases

terracotta vase on the left below, two examples of Grimwades Byzanta Ware on the right, two Hornsea Pottery vases/pots on the window sill behind

Hornsea bulb pots: Cirrus on the left, Image on the right