misc photos

When I first started this site I photographed my hyacinth vases by colour. I have since taken other photos but decided to have a go doing them again by colour - just for fun.

hyacinth vases

cobalt blue, in my experience, the most popular colour for vintage hyacinth vases

cobalt blue tall hyacinth vases

cobalt blue tall hyacinth vases

tall cobalt blue hyacinth vase


cobalt blue squat hyacinth vases

cobalt blue squat hyacinth vases

cranberry round hyacinth vases, I haven't seen much variation in shape of this colour

cranberry hyacinth vases

X-shape hyacinth vases, I don't know if there's a better name for this shape, if there is I don't know what it is, I think these are really unappreciated. When they have hyacinths in them, they are fab. (pic to follow)

x-shape hyacinth vases

pottery vases, Prattware at the back, Byzantaware in the middle, unknown (to me anyway) at the front)

pottery hyacinth vases

Modern vases, mostly clear (how boring!), front right is an empty candy jar from Hayling Island, the spiritual home, for me, of hyacinth vases as that's where I first saw them at my mother-in-law's house and I bought my first 2 hyacinth vases at Reggies.

modern hyacinth vases

Broste Copenhagen hyacinth vases. I thought they were so fab when I first saw one in amber on ebay but no one else seems to take any notice of them. When I saw these on ebay I snapped them up immediately.

Broste Copenhagen hyacinth vases