Some Updates on Hyacinth Vases - February 2018

I think of the GP Tye vases as being quite sturdy but while preparing to use one last October (2017) I discovered one had a crack in it. Sometimes internal cracks are just internal but this one made itself known to me as all the water leaked out.  (I did post this photo as well on my bulb forcing blog as well so it's watermarked from that site).

GP Tye vase with crack

GP Tye vase with crack

this modern blue hyacinth vase in the centre is often erroneously described as antique/handblown/vintage but it was (still is?) sold retail from Two's Company, second photo shows the label on the bottom, it also comes in amethyst and green

I just bought the vase on the right from ebay, not sure the brand but obviously quite modern. Surprised I haven't come across it before. The chutney jar, although a bit small, is one I'm going to try using as a hyacinth vase later this year - you don't need to spend much to force a hyacinth bulb.

Twos Company hyacinth vase

Twos Company hyacinth vase label

I was intrigued by this vintage vase on ebay recently. I've never seen this exact shape and cup. So, of course, I had to give it a proper try. The small posy (not even sure what to call it) I have no idea how it was meant to be used. Of course, I want to put small bulbs on the top, having filled it with water. I guess crocus would work. I'm not sure if that was the original purpose.

hyacinth vase