vintage hyacinth vases

An unexpected trip to the antiques fair at Alexandra Palace yielded some treasure. The tall vase on the left I'm sure is 19th century. I've not seen that exact shape before with the rim at the top. The middle vase I'm not even sure if it's a hyacinth vase but the colour is exquisite, deep purple/blue cobalt blue although my camera has not captured it. It's a better blue than the vase on the left. And I'm sure it will work fine as a hyacinth vase. On the right is a Tye vase I happened to have on the window sill which I've included for comparison.

cobalt blue hyacinth vases

the new vase bases, snapped off pontil mark on the tall vase, smooth base on the middle vase

hyacinth vase snapped off pontil mark

kick-up detail inside the antique vase

kick-up hyacinth vase