crocus vases and posy

I've gotten all my crocus vases out, ready to use them for forcing but like to document what they are first. I didn't do any crocus last year and maybe not for a few years before so I haven't had the crocus vases all together for a while - and of course there are new additions. Looking carefully, excluding the obviously taller one on the left, there are about 3 different crocus vases in the front, slightly different heights and base thickness.

crocus vases

this glass posy intrigues me - how was it meant to be used? of course, I'll stick a bulb in or on anything feasible but was that its original intention? although it seems high quality and heavy glss the polishing of the holes in uneven, some are polished more than others

glass ball joined posy

and the base is polished, I assume where it will sit flat

base glass ball joined posy

see gardenwithindoors for my experiemnts using it

glass ball joined posy with crocus bulbs

I think I missed documenting some new hyacinth vases. The one on the left is small and inexpensive and I wanted to try it. The one on the right is a vintage shape I call "teardrop". It would be quite difficult to tell if it's vintage or modern. The label on the bottom gives it away.

modern hyacinth vases Twos Company

The label on the bottom of the teardrop vase reveals it is modern - but a good reproduction in my opinion.

teardrop Twos Company base