Modern vs Vintage Hyacinth Vases

The purple vase I bought from Amazon recently. I'd been given a gift certificate and decided to browse their vases and found this vase that works perfectly as a hyacinth vase. I'm not sure if it was listed as a "hyacinth vase" or not. I just searched at Amazon and it doesn't come up but a search for "Leonardo Nido vase" does. Only a pink one is availabe. The cobalt blue vintage vase I bought at an antiques fair recently. Do I need another??? I thought it was interesting that the blue vase is blue glass the purple vase is clear glass that's been painted. That's one reason why period glass vases are so much better than modern ones.

My cat Polly Pocket with some Shorter and Son flower troughs with small bulbs (crocus, muscari and iris reticulata) and hyacinth vases on the window sill in the background with hyacinths in bloom. In the front, a Leonardo light purple (lilac) vase whose hyacinth is now finished.

hyacinth vases and Shorter troughs Leonardo

Leonardo vase growing a (probably) Delft Blue hyacinth and a terracotta hyacinth vase to the right.

Leonardo lilac nido vase

base of the Leonardo brand vase, difficult to see but the vase is clear and the lilac colour has been painted on

Leonardo lilac Nido vase

Cobalt blue 19th century hyacinth vase. Actually this design was produced for a long time, from the 1850s until the 1920s-ish. It was very popular and one of the most common (and wonderful IMHO) hyacinth vases easily available on ebay and antique shops and fairs. The cobalt blue colour they used is exquisite, some vases better than others, varying from purple-blue to a rather lighter blue. I cannot capture the colour with my camera .

cobalt blue squat hyacinth vase