Spring 2021

I'm usually updating my bulb forcing site, www.gardenwithindoors.org.uk, where I show how I actually use the hyacinth vases but it's nice to have a review about hyacinth vases here as well.

These were my hyacinth vases and a bulb bowl out of the cellar (my cool dark place to start the hyacinths) on 10-1-2021. It shows the wide range of hyacinth vases. Back row, glassroots, Scandinavian style x-shape, green swept; front row, Byzanta ware, Past Times bulb bowl, Keil plastic hyacinth vase. Also visible on the windowsill in the background, Hornsea Cirrus bulb pot, Dartington neodymium. Directly behind on the windowsill is an amaryllis vase.

These were my spent hyacinths on 26-12-2020, again showing a range of vases in which to grow hyacinths. On the left are the dark red Woodstock hyacinths which did not do well this year. They did not grow taller than the leaves. The Carnegie white hyacinths, one in the black and white vase, did terribly this year. Delft Blue (some in bloom on the windowsill in the background) and Miss Saigon did well. The vases on the right at the back are newly out of the cellar and have not bloomed yet.

I love a wide range of hyacinth vases, both antique and modern. I quite like the Ravenhead Naturals hyacinth vases but they do not appear to be currently for sale. Right below is a blue Ravenhead Naturals hyacinth vase with a hyacinth ready to come out of the dark (taken beginning of December) showing the bulge of the flower grown out of the bulb in the stem. On the left is a Hornsea bulb pot in the Image design range.

Ravenhead Naturals hyacinth vase

The clear vase behind is a Ravenhead Naturals vase. I'll see if I have a better photo of it. It's rounded unlike the square design of the blue one above.

forced hyacinths Ravenhead Naturals hyacinth vase

This year has been more challenging than usual with a new kitten, Rocky. Not easily having as many vases on display.

rocky kitten hyacinth vases