September 2022

It's the time of year to start thinking about hyacinth vases and forcing hyacinths in them, especially for Christmas. I ordered my hyacinth bulbs the end of July . I've bought a few hyacinth vases on ebay recently - totally unnecessary as I have lots of hyacinth vases but I just couldn't resist.

hyacinth vases

Looking at each in detail, my regular blog readers will know I have a particular love of terracotta hyacinth vases and have a few of them but I didn't have this kind until I bought this Prattware hyacinth vase on ebay. I recognised the pattern as I have another piece in the range, a tobacco jar I think, must dig out a photo.

prattware hyacinth vase

Prattware hyacinth vase

cobalt blue Victorian teardrop hyacinth vase

cobalt blue hyacinth vase

Broste Copenhagen jack-in-the-pulpit hyacinth vases. I loved these since I first saw other examples on ebay years ago and was lucky enough to find some on ebay. So was happy to find these on ebay recently.

amber Broste Copenhagen jack-in-the-pulpit hyacinth vases