Victorian terracotta hyacinth vases

I love these Victorian terracotta hyacinth vases. They're obviously not to everyone's taste but I also love Victorian terracotta pots in the garden so these are definitely for me. There are 3 different figures around the vase which are just transfers - one can see where they don't match up exactly - but I think that's part of the charm of transferware and it makes for consistency of these items. See ceramic hyacinth vases for more .

terracotta hyacinth vase with classical figure transfers

Victorian terracotta hyacinth vase with classical figure transfers

Victorian terracotta hyacinth vase with classical figure transfers

base of the vase

Victorian terracotta hyacinth vase base

plastic hyacinth vases

great find on ebay this week, mint in box 1960s plastic hyacinth vases

keil plastic hyacinth vases

keil plastic hyacinth vases

they have separate bulb holders that go on top of the lower part of the vase

keil plastic hyacinth vases

keil hyacinth vases box side

keil plastic hyacinth vases box side

keil plastic hyacinth vases

Of course, I'll be using these to force hyacinth bulbs, see gardenwithindoors for details. I also have some Stewart plastic hyacinth vases which I bought retail in the late 1980s / early 1990s from a garden centre. I did use them regularly until last year when I thought they were looking a bit fragile, each have a crack although they still held water. Will find photos.


Stewart Hyacinth Vases

Stewart hyacinth vase

Stewart hyacinth vase

Stewart hyacinth vases

Stewart hyacinth vase base


I'm not sure what brand these are.

plastic hyacinth vases

plastic hyacinth vases

crocus vases and posy

I've gotten all my crocus vases out, ready to use them for forcing but like to document what they are first. I didn't do any crocus last year and maybe not for a few years before so I haven't had the crocus vases all together for a while - and of course there are new additions. Looking carefully, excluding the obviously taller one on the left, there are about 3 different crocus vases in the front, slightly different heights and base thickness.

crocus vases

this glass posy intrigues me - how was it meant to be used? of course, I'll stick a bulb in or on anything feasible but was that its original intention? although it seems high quality and heavy glss the polishing of the holes in uneven, some are polished more than others

glass ball joined posy

and the base is polished, I assume where it will sit flat

base glass ball joined posy

see gardenwithindoors for my experiemnts using it

glass ball joined posy with crocus bulbs

I think I missed documenting some new hyacinth vases. The one on the left is small and inexpensive and I wanted to try it. The one on the right is a vintage shape I call "teardrop". It would be quite difficult to tell if it's vintage or modern. The label on the bottom gives it away.

modern hyacinth vases Twos Company

The label on the bottom of the teardrop vase reveals it is modern - but a good reproduction in my opinion.

teardrop Twos Company base

vintage hyacinth vases

An unexpected trip to the antiques fair at Alexandra Palace yielded some treasure. The tall vase on the left I'm sure is 19th century. I've not seen that exact shape before with the rim at the top. The middle vase I'm not even sure if it's a hyacinth vase but the colour is exquisite, deep purple/blue cobalt blue although my camera has not captured it. It's a better blue than the vase on the left. And I'm sure it will work fine as a hyacinth vase. On the right is a Tye vase I happened to have on the window sill which I've included for comparison.

cobalt blue hyacinth vases

the new vase bases, snapped off pontil mark on the tall vase, smooth base on the middle vase

hyacinth vase snapped off pontil mark

kick-up detail inside the antique vase

kick-up hyacinth vase

always looking out for new hyacinth vases

I'm always on the look-out for more hyacinth vases, both to use myself and to have to give as gifts. As the date the hyacinths are ready is uncertain, it's useful to have a few on hand to be able to give to people at a moment's notice. My windowsill is always sure to have new hyacinth vases recently purchased from ebay and my table is sure to have a cat.

cat hyacinth vases

a better look at just the hyacinth vases

hyacinth vases

a closer look at those plastic hyacinth vases in the back above

plastic hyacinth vases

All my content is copyrighted

This is my main bulb forcing windowsill where I started photographing my hyacinth vases almost 10 years ago. Many of my photos are quite identifiable because of the backgrounds (also my mantel and front window shown in photos below). I am upset that some people have stolen my photos and presented them as their own.  I am now watermarking my photos but there are still some photos of mine online that are not watermarked yet.  All my content, including photos and text is copyrighted, both at this site about hyacinth vases and my site about actually using the vases to force hyacinths for Christmas (and about gardening outdoors).

hyacinth vases

the mantel in my living room

LInnocence hyacinths in hyacinth vases

by the front window

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases

and I often organise my hyacinth vases on my patio table

unique hyacinth vases

Please do not use my photos without permission.

Some Updates on Hyacinth Vases - February 2018

I think of the GP Tye vases as being quite sturdy but while preparing to use one last October (2017) I discovered one had a crack in it. Sometimes internal cracks are just internal but this one made itself known to me as all the water leaked out.  (I did post this photo as well on my bulb forcing blog as well so it's watermarked from that site).

GP Tye vase with crack

GP Tye vase with crack

this modern blue hyacinth vase in the centre is often erroneously described as antique/handblown/vintage but it was (still is?) sold retail from Two's Company, second photo shows the label on the bottom, it also comes in amethyst and green

I just bought the vase on the right from ebay, not sure the brand but obviously quite modern. Surprised I haven't come across it before. The chutney jar, although a bit small, is one I'm going to try using as a hyacinth vase later this year - you don't need to spend much to force a hyacinth bulb.

Twos Company hyacinth vase

Twos Company hyacinth vase label

I was intrigued by this vintage vase on ebay recently. I've never seen this exact shape and cup. So, of course, I had to give it a proper try. The small posy (not even sure what to call it) I have no idea how it was meant to be used. Of course, I want to put small bulbs on the top, having filled it with water. I guess crocus would work. I'm not sure if that was the original purpose.

hyacinth vase

March 2017

The forcing season is over so I am organising my vases. After sitting at the table on the patio it doesn't take long for the cats to start coming. One task is making sure the vases are properly labelled.

antique squat bulbous hyacinth vases

I have updated the Vase Shapes page including unique hyacinth vase shapes in the front row:

antique hyacinth vases

and some modern hyacinth vases

modern hyacinth vases

unique hyacinth vases

Some hand-blown hyacinth vases have a unique shape, not sure this shape even has a name. It is a bit different from the classic short squat shape (see previous blog entry). Nice kick-up and snapped off pontil mark. Great purple colour, not as dull as the usual "amethyst" Victorian glass colour.

purple hyacinth vase

purple hand-blown hyacinth vase base

a new hyacinth vase

I haven't bought a vintage hyacinth vase all year so far on ebay. I did see this brand new one (from Ravenhead Naturals) and was curious what it would be like. I show it here in comparison with the most common shapes/sizes of vintage vases. The teal vase in the centre is about 19 cm tall and the new clear one on the left is about a cm shorter at about 18 cm tall. I don't have a hyacinth bulb handy to show it with one but it does appear to have a good opening size to grow a hyacinth in which I will be doing later this year and will report back at

hyacinth vases


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